Signs to look for when buying CBD online

CBD is mainly an unregulated and growing industry at present. This has lead to many unscrupulous businesses jumping in to supply products that are either not what they claim to be or making wild claims about their products or worse still contain products that could be harmful to you. A recent study by found that half the CBD products sold in UK didn’t contain the advertised amount. With so many claims being made, how do you determine if a product is really genuine? Here are some simple signs you should look out for.

  1. Have a good look at the website. Does it look professional? Does the website work? Are there any broken page links? These are signs that the seller doesn’t care enough. So what does that say about their product?
  2. Is the seller selling CBD and also unrelated products like auto-parts? CBD sellers are serious about what they are providing to customers. They’ve spent time understanding their product and market and they won’t deviate.
  3. CBD sales are restricted on platforms like Amazon, Ebay, Shopify etc. Sellers on these sites are only doing it quickly before they get caught and kicked off. If they think like this, then assume they’re in it for a quick buck. There’s also a good chance the CBD won’t be what it says on the label.
  4. CBD is not cheap. Paying between £30-£40 for 5% (500mg CBD) 10ml bottle is where you should be. Remember a 5% 30ml bottle still only has 500mg of CBD but diluted with 20ml of additional carrier oil. Great if you like consuming carrier oils.
  5. Make sure your CBD supplier can show you the lab certificate. Google to see who the laboratory is and if it exists. It should be a 3rd party certificate i.e. not a certificate from the same business.
  6. The lab certificate should include the name of the supplier and should state the product that they tested (oil/cream/gummies etc).
  7. The lab certificate should be valid and not expired.
  8. CBD is produced in batches and this batch will be lab certified. Ensure the product you are purchasing has a batch number listed on the label and this should match with the certificate. If it doesn’t, there’s something fishy like an invalid certificate. Stay clear!
  9. The label must not make outlandish claims of curing any illnesses. Make sure that there are no typos. Typos indicate a product that’s been made quickly and without care. Red flag!
  10. A dedicated and honest CBD supplier is educated in their product and their website will also have educational information in there. Have a look at their blogs. Check out their Instagram or other social media platforms. It takes a lot of effort to maintain these platforms and companies wanting to sell substandard products quickly just don’t spend the time, effort and resources there.
  11. Are there any reviews/recommendations? Recommendations on a website don’t really count. Anyone can type these in. Getting real (Trusted Pilot or other) reviews is difficult because most people don’t bother leaving reviews, unless they’ve had a bad experience (how many products have you bought and felt compelled to leave a positive review? We saw recently a big CBD retailer had over 15K reviews! That’s either taken an immense effort or…
  12. Finally and its been said before, a cheap price should be something to be weary about. You wont know if there’s any CBD in the bottle unless you get it lab tested. You’ll be much better of buying a better product and reaping the rewards from CBD.
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