Calming – 20mg CBD bath bomb with Lavender


Mood: 😌 Relaxed
Fragrance: 🌺 Lavender fields

Calming – Lavender oil infused bath bomb with 20mg of active CBD.

Natural lavender oil and flowers infused CBD bath bomb with soothing jojoba oil to moisturise your skin. Let the natural fragrances sooth and relax you ready for a great night’s sleep to wake up refreshed.

Drop bath bomb into a warm bath. Step in and let the essential oils, clays and salts gently exfoliate your skin.

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Sink in and relax in a special spa experience at home with bodyulove Calming bath bomb.

Run a warm bath and drop in the bath bomb. Play some music, light some candles and watch the bomb fizz then step in and experience the silky clays and oils coat your skin. Relax and feel calm with the wonderful lavender aromas for at least 20 minutes to gain the most from the CBD, oils, salts and clays.

Our bath bombs are a lovingly handmade using only the finest ingredients. 3-2-1 and relax…