What is nanotechnology in cbd?


Nano- (symbol n) is a unit prefix meaning “one billionth” and is the prefix derives from the Greek νάνος (Latin nános), meaning “dwarf”. Nanotechnology as the name suggest is making molecules into much smaller particles.

The world of cbd users is growing rapidly as people are introducing alternative medicines into their daily health routine. The benefits of cbd oil is something many of us know about and is now marketed and sold in many places. But what is nano cbd and is the hype real or is it just clever product marketing?

What is nano cbd and how is it derived?

Cbd oil molecules are approximately 2000nm (nano meters) in size under normal conditions. When they are subjected to ultra-sonic energy, the molecules are split into smaller particles and the molecules can be ‘re-sized’ to smaller sizes as small as 30-50nm.

What are the benefits of Nano-CBD products?

The rate of absorption of cbd increases many fold mainly because each nano droplet exposes much more surface area than a single larger cbd drop. The blood-cell wall barrier absorbs particles of 100nm or less much faster. The sum effect is that nano-cbd absorption is many times higher.

This means that cbd enters the blood stream much faster and can deal with your headache, anxiety or ailment much quicker. This also means that you need to consume less cbd for effective use.

It is widely reported that only 30-35% of normally consumed cbd is absorbed into the blood as the larger particles end up in the digestive track which eventually get excreted from the body. Nano cbd absorption may be as great as 60-70% which is impressive and potentially better bang for buck.

Creating water soluble nano cbd

CBD is a hydrophobic molecule because it is non-water soluble and doesn’t bind with water molecules. To make it water soluble, the nano cbd molecule needs to be re-engineered and the science of doing this isn’t actually that scientific after all. It is simply a process of emulsification and we’ll discuss it below.

What is the process of emulsification?

Think of this – The honey in your vinaigrette is an emulsifier as is the yolk of an egg. When the oil and vinegar (which is mostly water) is mixed together with the emulsifying agent, they blend together better. Why? Because the emulsifier bind with the oil molecules and this then allows them to blend in with the water molecules rather than just separating out.

Soluble nano cbd molecules go through this same process.

Simple nano technology and emulsification process on CBD molecule

To create a soluble nano cbd product, the nano-cbd molecules are treated with an emulsifying agent. A common nano CBD emulsifier agent used industrially is lecithin or phospholipids.

Other chemicals added to nano CBD products for emulsification are things like Propylene glycol (PG) which is a common synthetic additive in shelf-stable emulsions. PG is also an ingredient found in antifreeze.  The US and European food authorities have declared it safe, but it’s still a synthetic chemical.

What are the disadvantages of nano cbd products?

Nano cbd products are promoted heavily by marketing companies. But some of the possible negative effects of consuming nano cbd are listed below:

  • The addition of synthetic or natural additives to a pure and organic product – Do we really need that?
  • Nano cbd has a much higher absorption rate. High concentrations created by regular consumption of these products could lead to a greater build up of cbd in the body which could have an adverse effect. This may prove to be dangerous.
  • The process of producing nano cbd products is expensive and these costs are passed onto consumers.
  • Nano cbd is a great buzz word and many unscrupulous businesses are using it too loosely and using scientific sounding jargon that masks potentially dangerous products. A buyer must be extra vigilant in what they are buying and consuming.

Our opinion for what it’s worth

Cbd is a fantastic and natural product that has numerous beneficial properties with many still being discovered.

Buy a natural products like our cbd oil that has no more than 2-3 ingredients in it. Keep it under your tongue for as long as you can hold it for and consume if after an oily meal as that helps with absorption.

Science brings us advances and nano cbd does have it’s advantages – Just be an informed consumer.

Tell us what you think. Have you used nano cbd products? Have you been impressed or disappointed with them?

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