Is CBD Vegan?

Is CBD Vegan

With over 7 million vegetarians in the UK, 1.5 million of which are vegan, and 1 in 4 Brits reducing their meat and dairy consumption since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the “green revolution” is well and truly upon us. If you’ve ditched the dairy and are wondering, “Is CBD vegan?” you’re not alone. 

Whether you prefer steak or tempeh, one thing is for sure, there are some places meat and dairy just aren’t welcome. As any vegan will tell you, “big dairy” has infiltrated the most innocuous products, from chewing gum and crisps to vitamins and supplements. In fact, it would probably be shorter to list the products that don’t include animal products. 

Surely lovely, natural CBD is free of any animal bits? Right?

Is CBD Vegan?

The short answer is yes, and no. 

CBD itself is, of course, utterly vegan-friendly as it’s extracted directly from plants. But it’s not quite as simple as putting CBD straight into a bottle and calling it a day. All CBD products are combined with other ingredients, whether it be a carrier oil in the case of CBD oil or emollients for a CBD balm. This is where your pure, natural hemp extract can quickly become non-vegan-friendly. 

At bodyulove, all of our in-house products are 100% vegan friendly and are not tested on animals. To make your shopping experience as smooth as possible, all products on our site are clearly labelled as being suitable for vegans – just look for the green tick.

✅ Vegan friendly

Are CBD Gummies Vegan?

Another common culprit for non-vegan CBD is the gummies that are stocked by many of our competitors. While our CBD gummies are 100% free of animal products, that’s not the same for every retailer. 

Gelatine is widely used in chewy sweets as it’s easy to source and very low cost compared to alternatives. Gelatine does indeed give a great gummy texture, but the way it’s produced might just leave a bad taste in your mouth. Created from boiling skin, ligaments, tendons and bones, it’s fairly high on the “avoid” list for any vegan or vegetarian.

Investing in quality ingredients, we use pectin in our CBD gummies to provide the bouncy, chewy texture you know and love. Sourced from the dried peels of citrus fruit and apple pomace, it’s an ideal ingredient for combining with our organic, broad-spectrum CBD oil. While gelatin may well be a little cheaper, we’d rather give it a pass. 🤢 

Is CBD Balm Vegan?

CBD balm is another product that, when manufactured poorly, can include animal by-products. In particular, lanolin and beeswax are often used for their moisturising properties, but neither are considered vegan. Lanolin production, in particular, is an industry that isn’t known for being animal-friendly, regardless of it being a process that needn’t require any harm to the sheep.

bodyulove CBD Healing Balm is 100% vegan and organic and is not tested on animals. We use a base that combines shea butter, coconut butter, mango butter and cacao butter to provide your skin with nourishing natural protection. 

Is CBD Oil Vegan?

As you’re probably aware, CBD oil is one of the purest ways to take your CBD, mixing the CBD with a carrier oil and occasionally a natural flavouring, but nothing else. Now while the carrier oils you’ll find used in CBD oil are all definitely vegetarian (thank goodness), there are a few that are up for debate as to their vegan status. 

While this isn’t a black and white topic, here are a few carrier oils that are debated on within the community, so you can decide whether they’re right for you.

Almond Oil

Although it may not be derived from animals, some vegans boycott almond oil due to the incredible amount of resources it takes to produce. 

Palm Oil

Palm oil is an incredibly common oil in many parts of the world but is often considered non-vegan due to the large scale deforestation involved in its production which kills countless species.

Deforestation to plant palm oil harms natural wildlife habitat

What About CBD Cosmetics?

Last of all, a brief word on CBD cosmetics. While CBD has quickly become the must-have ingredient in skincare thanks to its moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties, we’d recommend you read the fine print on those ingredients labels. Many CBD cosmetics are marketed as being “natural” or “eco-conscious” but actually use some pretty nasty compounds.

Beware of:


An emollient that is often used in make-up and moisturisers, it is derived from animal fats.


Extracted from shark liver oil, squalene is commonly used in lip balms and moisturisers. An alternative, vegan squalene is becoming more widely available.

Oleic acid

A softening and conditioning ingredient, oleic acid is also known as tallow and is essentially animal fat. You’ll find it in many moisturisers and cosmetic products. 

As you can see, the answer to “is CBD vegan?” isn’t as clearcut as you might think. While the CBD itself is completely vegan, only the manufacturers can keep it that way. That’s why you’ll find bodyulove products proudly displaying a vegan-friendly tick, allowing you to shop with confidence. 

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